One reason I’ve never blogged is that I was much too conscientious about what people thought about me and what I had to say. Funny thing: now that I have lost my husband and have turned 74 years old, I purpose to “tell it like it is” and trust God to let the chips fall on good ground.

I lose things. This is not something that happens to myself only but I have a need to know where my things are. A very wise Bible teacher, Kenneth E. Hagin, said that God revealed to him thru the above verse that angels are waiting to be commanded by us (or something like that) Anyway, from that day forward when he had a need he would ask his angel to go find it and soon he would have what he asked for.

Bear in mind, this revelation came from a man (now deceased) who had walked and talked with God for many years, had seen many miracles, and lived by the Word of God.

I, too, have walked and talked with God for many years; I have seen many miracles; and I live by the Word of God. The only reason I do not have the wisdom that he had is that I have not acquired the Bible knowledge that he had. But I am working on it. Meanwhile, as I use the knowledge and wisdom that I do have, I believe God will help me to grow.

My husband and I came to IL in December 2015. He was very ill at the time but was so excited to be with our youngest daughter, who has lived overseas most of her married life because of her husband’s career. After a few glorious days with our Patty and her family, he passed away.

We brought with us very few possessions as we were downsizing to very limited space in their home. One thing I made sure that I brought was a beautiful, hand-crocheted large doily. This was a gift from a very precious friend, Rita Taylor. Her sister in Costa Rica had crocheted it and sent it especially for me.

It literally took months to find the treasure in the bottom of a box. I carefully laid it out one morning intending to display it on the kitchen table after I went shopping. When I came home, my treasure had disappeared. No one knew where it went. That was months ago, and I naturally had looked high and low.

Again this week it came to mind. No one in the house remembered ever seeing it. Later I will tell you stories of when I specifically asked angels to find very valuable lost articles (such as a check for several hundred dollars) and the items turned up miraculously. This time, however, I just KNEW that God would show it to me in due time.

Well, this morning I happened to think of the most logical place where it could be: the linen closet. As I opened the closet door, I gazed at a semi-transparent box on an upper shelf. Only one item was inside and I could see through the side of the box that the item was not solid fabric. “Hmm, wouldn’t it be nice…” You guessed the rest. Soon I will have a piece of clear plastic to protect it and everyone will be able to admire my beautiful centerpiece. Praise God! He is my strength and never-failing companion.



Willing Servant

GRANDMA: Jonas, do you know that you are an inspiration to me?

JONAS (my dog): No, Grandma. I’m sorry I try to be a good dog. What is an inspiration anyway?

GRANDMA: Jonas, you are a good dog. An inspiration is someone who loves you unconditionally; who always has your back; always admits it when he is wrong and is scolded; eats your food without criticism or sarcasm; and cuddles with you when you are blue.

JONAS: Thanks, Grandma. May I have a treat, please?

Father, Let me be like Jonas: always an inspiration but taking only the treats (blessings)  Let me stay right beside you so I can give the inspiration to others but give you the honor and glory.


Busy Day

I thought I was connected to Facebook. But my first post (yesterday) did not link to Facebook. It took a lot of research to get to the FORUM and post a question. The answer came quickly. Now I have followed the steps, so let’s see if this one posts.

Reminds me of my Christian walk. Many times I have stumbled through a situation, hoping God was at the end of my path. If I had just taken time to READ the Word, PRAY, wait for the answer, and listen to a competent teacher (faith comes by hearing); I would have been sure of the results. Let’s see if Facebook receives this one.