Who Are We?!!

Nearing the beginning of the rest of my life, I need to express many things in the hope that when people meet me in Heaven they will say, “WOW! I met you at just the right time in my life!”

Make no mistake: I am a born-again, VIBRANT, child of God. My posts could strike you in many ways: meaningful, spiritual, funny, factual Рbut NEVER religiously and not very often negatively.

JONAS is the dog I inherited when his family (my daughter Patty, her husband Rick, and 2 of their children left for an overseas assignment with his company. Many of my posts will involve “imaginary” conversations between Jonas and myself.

GRANDMA, of course, is myself. You will get to know me well as you read.

FRIENDS could be family, strangers, old or new acquaintances, or people I have not yet met or just hope to meet.

I am a stickler for proper grammar and spelling, so please help me out if you know the English language better than I.

Please do not be derogatory in your replies or comments. Honest criticism is fine.

“Let not your heart be troubled Neither let it be afraid. John 14:27. KJV” ¬†is my theme nowadays. This provides the stability I need, being a widow who is alone much of the time. Be not deceived. Troubles come my way. But my heart is fixed that I will not be troubled or fearful- (most of the time). All scripture quotations, unless otherwise noted, will be from the King James Version.

TODAY’s conversation with Jonas: (4am)

JONAS: Come on, Grandma. I tried to let you sleep, but I can’t wait any longer. I have to go outside!

GRANDMA: Ok. Give me a minute. (I literally stumble across the living room to the back door and open it, as my legs do not support me when I get out of bed.) Come on, Jonas. You know I have to go to the bathroom too. Jonas… where are you?

11 am (when Jonas finally wakes up)

GRANDMA: Jonas, why did you wake me up at 4 am pretending to have to go outside and then disappear?

JONAS: Cause I knew you needed to go. Remember, it’s a rainy day. My bathroom is OUTSIDE and yours is INSIDE.

That’s my doggie, and that’s all for today!